Intentionally formulated herbals to support you through emotional hardships and physical aliments

Feel beautiful and experience healing with the power of plants

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  • Fresh Plants

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    Fresh {not dry} Plant Tinctures

    Strategically formulated herbal extractions for internal use

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    Topical Healing Salves

    Botanically infused oils combined for therapeutic use

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    Botanicals for Beauty

    Beautifully clean skin care to replenish and rejuvenate

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Specializing in

Fresh Plant Tinctures

A traditional form of herbal medicine using alcohol to extract the medicinal constituents of plants. Individually made in small batches with adjusted alcohol percentages specific to each herb, maximizing the medicinal properties. You drop them on your tongue or add to a small amount of water.

Made with fresh plants for concentrated easy to take herbal remedies. You will feel the difference.


Clinically Trained Herbalist

Sherri Mariash

Hello, I am the founder, farmer, medicine maker and plant enthusiast behind this small batch medicine business, which began in 2017. After a decade of study, I turned my experience and passion for making potent plant extractions into a line of products for others to experience healing though traditional herbal medicine. I believe plants are a point of connection to the seasons in Nature and illuminate our own internal rhythms, offering continual support as we walk through life.

I am grateful to live in Old Arrow Park, BC acknowledging it is on unceded traditional territory of the Sylix, Sinixt & Ktunaxa First Nations.

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Why these potions are powerful

  • Fresh Plants

  • Ethically Harvested

  • Precisely Extracted

  • Medical Astrology Aligned

Utilizing fresh plants harvested at their most vital stage and processed immediately to produce the finest quality of medicine.

80% of the plants I grow on my farm and 20% I ethically harvest ensuring all measures are taken to limit harmful impacts to the ecosystem, so the plants can be there year after year.

Each plant is individually made with adjusted alcohol percentages to extract the most medicinal constituents. All plant material is weighed to match the volume of alcohol added. Plants then sit for one month before being strained out.

Plants are gathered and processed on the day of the week according to their planetary ruler. By blending the ancient science of medical astrology with herbalism more intention is infused into the medicine to amplify the therapeutic qualities. Finally, each one is poured by hand, ready for you.

Find emotional & physical harmony

7 single plant tinctures to represent each planet for you to embody astrology in a tangible way. Select the one that resonates the most with you. A simple practice for personal growth.

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Holy Basil~Sun Tincture
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Sage ~ Mercury Tincture
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Milky Oats ~ Moon Tincture
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What people are saying

  • I love all of Sherri's product but my favorite is the Deep Tissue rub for its instant pain relief, its rich texture and delicious smell.

  • I have the sleep tincture and the divine woman. I got out of habit of taking them on a nightly basis, and felt the difference.

  • Incredible Nootka Rose face moisturizer. I use it primarily in the winter, when I need more protection for my face against the harshness of northern Alberta winters.This little pot of 50 ml is lasting & lasting. I just wanted you to know that this product ROX!

  • Sherri crafted an elixir specifically for a physical challenge I was experiencing. Her thorough and compassionate intake embraced the issue holistically, which allowed me to feel entirely supported. The medicine was powerful. Wild Earth Medicinals are of the highest quality.

  • I’ve had several personalized tinctures for myself and my children and they always work their magic.

  • I am a huge fan of all of Sherri’s products and highly recommend checking her out for any of your herbal needs!

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    all products made with solar & micro hydro power

  • Protecting Wild Spaces

    $1 from every online purchases is donated to Wildsight

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    glass bottles, jars and compostable tubes

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    100% post consumer boxes & carbon neutral shipping