Located off-grid in the Columbia Valley, at the base of the Monashee Mountains. A little place called Old Arrow Park nestled in BC's Kootenays.

Growing Plants

Growing and harvesting plants is an essential part of my business. I feel honoured to be a steward of this land with space to grow the medicinal plants used in my offerings. From Spring to Fall most of my days are spent working on the farm, tending to the plants and making medicine. Everything on the farm is grown free from chemicals.

Once harvested, herbs are immediately processed for highest quality.

About the Apothecary Process

Eco-Friendly Practices

I am committed to continually making positive actions to have a positive impact on the environment. Each of your purchases support efforts towards sustainability.

Green Energy

All the herbal products are made in a renewable energy facility, greatly reducing the carbon foot print of the business.

My partner, Shawn, and I live completely off-grid, not connected to a back up power option. We use a combination of solar and micro-hydro systems to produce all the power for the house and farm.

Recyclable Packaging

Products are in lead-free glass which is one of the most widely excepted and recyclable materials in Canada. It can be endlessly melted down to be used again. Lip Balms are in compostable tubes that will naturally break down. Plastic lids can also be recycled. Please re-use or recycle bottles & jars.

Sustainable Shipping

  • 100% post-consumer recycled boxes
  • re-used plastic & paper from my bottle shipments to pad products
  • kraft tape made from renewable resources & dose not inhibit the box from being recycled.
  • shipping labels are 100% recycled materials and curbside recyclable
  • carbon-neutral shipping with Canada Post
  • Green Energy

    all products made with solar & micro hydro power

  • Protecting Wild Spaces

    $1 from every online purchases is donated to Wildsight

  • Recyclable Packaging

    glass bottles, jars and compostable tubes

  • Eco-Friendly Shipping

    100% post consumer boxes & carbon neutral shipping