Transforming fresh local plants into concentrated extractions for easy to take remedies with optimal medicinal outcomes.

A Love for Plants

By far my favorite part of being an herbalist is the direct engagement with plants through the growing season and medicine making process. The plants I focus on are either native to the Pacific Northwest, naturalized in the region, or easily cultivated here. By cultivating and gathering local plant species, I establish a profound connection with the rhythms of the seasons and the natural cycles of these plants. This is passed on through the medicine for you to experience measurable healing.

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Formulation: Merging Science with Spirit

There are endless ways to extract and combine plants. After over a decade of study and application, I have developed a process to make potent extractions and strategically combine them into powerful formulas.

I start with my lead plants then add supportives, synergists, and a driver, are all directed to the area of concern. I then decide on the amount of each herb to balance out energetics of temperature, tone and moisture.

I love the process of selecting complementary plants, balancing their attributes for a thoughtfully created and effective formula. All of my clients and customer's positive feedback motivates me to continue this work with plants.

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Botanicals for Beauty

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and is porus. What goes on our skin is also absorbed into our bodies. Using my medicinal knowledge of plants targeted to restoring and revitalizing the skin, I crafted a line of botanical skincare products for you to feel and look your best.

For balms, I infuse plants in high quality oils over low heat for multiple days. From my experience, slowly warming the oil with herbals is the best for topical use. These herbal infusion oils are combined with local bees wax for a smooth and luxurious consistency.

Hydrosols are made in a traditional copper still with fresh plants. This steam distillation process captures all the aromatic water soluble molecules, which easily absorbs into your skin to hydrate, uplift & protect.

Your skin will love these beautifully clean skin care products.

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All products are made seasonally each year in small batches with care, intention & integrity at every step. To infuse potency, plants are harvested on specific days of the week according to their planetary ruler.

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