Greetings, I am the founder of this small batch medicine business,
which began in 2017. After a decade of study, I turned my experience and passion for making potent plant extractions into a line of products for others to experience healing though traditional herbal medicine.

Rooted in Nature

I live off-grid on a farm in the Columbia Valley with my partner Shawn. We grow 80% of the plants in my offerings and the other 20% is ethically hand harvested from the nearby woodlands. My approach to ethical harvesting is rooted in respecting the ecological, social, and spiritual aspects of Nature. I am mindful of the ecology of plants, the best season to harvest different parts of the plants, and am continually cultivating a respectful relationship with all of my surroundings. Ethically harvesting is crucial to ensure plants continue to flourish year after year, and to maintain a healthy ecosystem. I always use fresh plants, harvested by hand, and processed immediately for highest quality products.

Clinically Trained

I have been studying plant medicine through multiple teachers, schools & traditions for over 10 years. My education has been in Traditional Western Herbalism, Medical Astrology and Ayurveda. During my studies with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism I apprenticed in my teachers herbal laboratory where I found my passion as a medicine maker. Though my clinical practice I have seen hundreds of clients, deepening my knowledge of both people and plants. Hosting workshops and plant walks has shown me the direct empowerment and joy plants give to people. I am always learning more and adapting to best match people and plants for optimal outcomes.

Holistic Approach

My practice is applying all my education, experience, science, clinical practice & direct perception of plants into one holistic approach. I am trained to read into the body looking at organ systems, tissue states & energetics of temperature, tone & moisture. I view the body a whole intelligent web of interactions. With this approach I formulate remedies that are constitutionally balanced and directed to specific areas of the body. Plants have an incredible ability to work on both physical & emotional layers to instil lasting changes. 

I am continually inspired by Nature and its power to calm the mind and nourish the soul. I am passionate about growing and creating herbals remedies for others to experience measurable healing and develop a deeper connection to the Natural world.

About the Apothecary

Where do I grow & gather all the plants?

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