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Lettuce Blend Seeds

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Lactuca sativa

Annual - 60-80 Days - Zone 2-11

Three lovely lettuce varieties in one pack. Grow Red Oak, Devil’s Ears and Butter lettuce for a colourful and flavourful salad mix. Sow directly outdoors after risk of frost has past. Keep well watered, thin to 2 inch spacing. Lettuce prefers cooler temperatures and part-shade. Sow seeds every 2-3 weeks for successional harvests. Cut lettuce 1-2 inches above soil, will re grow 2-3 times. Keep well watered to prevent any bitter taste.

Organically Grown & 2023 Hand Harvested

0.3g seed

*seeds only ship within Canada

    Lettuce Blend Seeds
    Lettuce Blend Seeds
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