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Jacob's Cattle Bean Seeds

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Phaseolus vulgaris

Annual - 90 Days - Zone 3-11

A heirloom dry bean with white and red speckles. Grown as a storage bean and needs cooking before eating. It has good texture and flavour when cooked. Easy to grow, keep moist until sprouted but does not require a lot of watering while growing. Stop watering at the end of bean formation to allow bean pods to dry on the plant. They are satisfying to break out of the pod and even more satisfying to eat. This variety cooks more quickly than most dry beans.

Organically Grown & 2023 Hand-Harvested

22 seeds

*seeds only ship within Canada

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      environmentally conscious practices,
      packaging & shipping

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      each product is uniquely formulated & intentionally made

    • Ethical Harvesting

      highest standards for lowest ecological impact

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