Cedar Hydrosol

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A stimulating facial toner to restore hydration and improve tone. Cedar is a grounding energy to bring you into the present moment.

Suggested Use: Mist your face before moisturizer for added hydration and tone. Can be used anytime to refresh during the day. Cedar is a great hair or beard mist.

Key Benefits:

- invigorating & stimulates circulation 

- protects skins natural barrier 

- grounding energy

Ingredients: Steam distilled fresh Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) Pure hydrosol

Made using a traditional handmade copper still & fresh ethically wild harvested Cedar bows to extract the therapeutic cellular water of the tree. The steam distillation process captures all the aromatic water soluble molecules, which easily absorbs into your skin to hydrate, uplift & protect. Hydrosols are a beautiful & gender neutral addition to any skin care routine.

Available in 60ml or 120ml glass bottles.

    Cedar Hydrosol
    Cedar Hydrosol
    • Ethical Harvesting

      highest standards for lowest ecological impact

    • Fresh Plants

      harvested in season & processed
      immediately for highest quality

    • Sustainability

      environmentally conscious practices,
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